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SecurityWeek’s Enterprise Lockdown is a virtual conference that will allow attendees from around the world to immerse themselves in a virtual world to learn about and discuss the latest trends and insights on information security and emerging cyber threats faced by modern enterprises.

If there is anything certain about uncertain times, it is that it separates those who are prepared from those who aren’t. We learned that lesson recently as many of us started working from home practically overnight. The pandemic acted as a forceful accelerant for remote workforces and laid bare the issues with legacy IT architectures and cybersecurity approaches. Many businesses became acutely aware of the consequences, while those with modern architectures were able to rapidly and securely adapt to life with a remote workforce.

Join us for a thoughtful discussion on lessons learned and new identity-centric approaches to securing the modern enterprise.

There’s a virtual tidal wave of smart, connected devices sweeping across businesses in every industry. These new devices include everything from industrial control systems and PLCs, to medical devices, to smart TVs, security cameras, digital assistants, printers, HVAC systems, and more. Can you see them? Can you protect them? Do you know how they are behaving? What services are they connecting to? What risks they pose to your environment? And most importantly, how do you stop bad things from happening? Join us as we explore the growth of unmanaged, un-agentable devices, including examples of real-world attacks, and issues you should consider to help fill the gaps left by traditional security architectures.

Leveraging Metrics to Improve the Efficiency of Your Security Program

What is your third-party risk exposure today? Is your third-party risk exposure getting better or worse? Join us as we seek to provide your organization with the best way to answer these questions and discuss how you can use data to understand and act on third-party risk in your environment. The session will focus on modern cyber risk mitigation techniques & the new challenges / realities of data management in today’s remote world.

Jasson Casey, CTO, Beyond Identity
CTO, Beyond Identity
Jasson Casey is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Beyond Identity
Jarrod Benson, CISO at Koch Industries
Global CISO, Koch Industries
Jarrod Benson is Global CISO at Koch Industries and CIO for Koch Business Solutions, LP.

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