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As an online extension of SecurityWeek’s ICS Cybersecurity Conference – the original ICS/SCADA cyber security event that has been running since 2002 – ICS Lockdown is virtual conference that will dive deep into the world of industrial cybersecurity and help those charged with protecting operational technology (OT) environments defend against cyber threats.

Open source has been around since the early 1980s. Many open source platforms can assist in achieving a high level of security for IT and Industrial Control or Operational Technology networks. Today we have open source firewalls, routers, intrusion detection systems, antivirus, and host-based security systems, to name a few, that can be deployed to secure network environments. What open source presents to an enterprise is low startup costs in developing and deploying such systems across ICS/OT networks. However, it should be noted that having dedicated resources capable of maintaining these open source-based solutions is key to the long-term success of an open source-based security program.

The Perdue model presents a reference architecture for securing the enterprise in multiple layers for ICS networks. Open source can provide security for the physical process, intelligent devices, control systems, manufacturing and business logistics systems. Open source can also provide the proper network segmentation to support zones and conduits that we can see in ISA/IEC 62443, thereby allowing us to properly secure communications that require protection and another layer of security within a defense-in-depth strategy that is so critical in the protection of ICS Networks.

This presentation will discuss several open source tools and appliances and their use cases, as well as architectural examples, demonstrating that open source can provide a high level of security and enhance a defense-in-depth strategy for ICS networks, as well as providing financial savings to the enterprise.

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