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SecurityWeek’s Threat Intelligence Summit is a virtual conference that will allow attendees from around the world to immerse themselves in a virtual world to explore and discuss the latest trends and insights on cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

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Recorded Future

This session will take a deep dive into methods and strategies for collecting threat data from various sources and producing actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) that can be used to protect your organization.

Before joining Flashpoint, Director of Risk Intelligence Strategy Mike Smola led Walmart’s Data Assurance and Cyber Intelligence team and has more than 25 years of experience building and leading security teams. Joined by Chris Camacho, Flashpoint Chief Strategy Officer, Mike will discuss developing and building an intelligence program, covering:

• Decisions on scope with a focus on leveraging your intelligence team’s skills to support decision making
• Identifying true risk to your business such as stock prices, sales, and bottom-line profits
• Hiring differently to support a broad scope of functions, e.g. operations, fraud investigations, privacy, legal, marketing, and supply chain
• Leveraging vendors as business partners and challenging them to adapt to your specific needs
• Adopting a more holistic mindset around intelligence
• Information sharing and how this practice can help facilitate better outcomes for your program

Recorded Future arms security teams with the only complete security intelligence solution powered by patented machine learning to lower risk. Our technology automatically collects and analyzes information from an unrivaled breadth of sources and provides invaluable context in real time and packaged for human analysis or integration with security technologies.

Join us for a live demo focused on our browser extension, Splunk integration, indicator look-ups, and more during the SecurityWeek's Threat Intelligence Summit:
Integrate unprecedented, real-time security intelligence into your SIEM or SOAR to enhance your existing workflows
View risk lists on IPs, domains, hashes, and malware to enable fast threat detection and response
Position unprecedented, real-time intelligence over any web-based SIEM, vulnerability solution, security blog, or webpage
Enrich IOCs to with elite security intelligence to reduce false positives, increase analysts’ “speed to no,” and accelerate investigations

What’s the best approach to enterprise security? The prevailing consensus in the industry has generally been threat-based or compliance-based approaches. However, many organizations that use these approaches struggle to strike the right balance between technical tools and practical outcomes.

The answer is to focus on reducing risk.

In this keynote presentation, Recorded Future’s senior vice president of global intelligence, Levi Gundert, provides an actionable roadmap for success and shares key takeaways from his newly released book, “The Risk Business: What CISOs Need to Know About Risk-Based Cybersecurity.”

Attendees will:

Examine 20 plus years of security paradigms — and learn why many of them fail
Explore the increasing risks tied to digital transformation initiatives
Understand how security intelligence helps teams make better decisions based on contextual data and metrics
Discover a proven, comprehensive framework for cybersecurity that emphasizes risk over threats
Learn how to create a persistent information advantage for better security — with a focus on being profitable

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