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2024 Virtual Cybersecurity Events

SecurityWeek’s Security Summit events are a series of topic-specific virtual conferences that allow attendees from around the world to immerse in a virtual world to discuss the latest cybersecurity trends and gain insights into security strategies and emerging cyber threats faced by businesses.

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Attendees can immerse themselves in a virtual environment to discuss the latest cybersecurity trends and gain insights into security strategies and emerging cyber threats faced by businesses. Through a cutting-edge platform, attendees can interact with speakers and sponsors, and visit networking lounges, specific zones & sponsor booths. (Register now to join the virtual experience)

Sponsorship Benefits: Participation as a sponsor allows you to be part of and engaging experience with enterprise security professionals that showcase your industry knowledge and solutions, while ensuring you reach a large audience. (Learn More)

Virtual Cybersecurity Events Calendar
Virtual Event Schedule for 2024
Cloud Security Summit
July 17, 2024
July 17, 2024 – Register SecurityWeek’s annual cloud security virtual summit returns with a deliberate focus on exposed attack surfaces and weaknesses in public cloud infrastructure and APIs. Expect high-quality discussions and presentations on a variety of cloud security topics,...
Identity & Zero Trust Strategies Summit
August 7, 2024
August 7, 2024 – Register SecurityWeek’s Identity & Zero Trust Strategies Summit is laser focused on helping organizations to level up their Identity and Zero Trust security strategies. This event promises a deep-dive into the world of digital identity management...
AI in Cybersecurity
December 4, 2024
December 4, 2024 – Register SecurityWeek’s inaugural Cyber AI & Automation Summit pushed the boundaries of security discussions by exploring the implications and applications of predictive AI, machine learning, and automation in modern cybersecurity programs. (Watch sessions from 2023 on...
Attack Surface-Management Conference
September 18, 2024
September 18, 2024 | Virtual Event Join us for a must-attend virtual event exclusively focused on Attack Surface Management (ASM) as corporate defenders shift tactics to continuously discover, inventory, classify, prioritize, and monitor digital assets and cloud services. SecurityWeek editors...
Threat Detection & Incident Response Summit
May 22, 2024 Watch on Demand In an era where “assume breach” is the status quo, organizations are working on the maturity of threat detection and incident response programs to mitigate the barrage of incoming malware and ransomware attacks. This...
Supply Chain Security and Third-Party Risk Conference
March 20, 2024
This virtual summit will examine the current state of supply chain attacks, the weakest links along the way, the biggest supply chain hacks in history, and best practices for managing this massive attack surface.
Cyber Insurance Conference 2023
January 17, 2024
As cybersecurity breaches and incidents escalate, the cyber insurance ecosystem is undergoing rapid and transformational change. Amidst this turmoil, CISOs and risk management leaders must understand clearly the role of cyber insurance in a robust security program, ongoing changes to...
Threat Hunting Summit
November 16, 2022
SecurityWeek’s Threat Hunting Summit is a virtual conference that presents strategies and tools that security teams use to detect, contain, and eliminate attackers present in or attempting to infiltrate enterprise networks.
Cybersecurity Solutions Summit
July 19, 2022
SecurityWeek's Cyber Solutions Summit and Expo will bring together a range of reputable buyers and sellers for a transparent discussion on the security technology procurement and decision-making process.
Virtual Security Events
February 3, 2021
IoT Lockdown is virtual IoT security conference that helps defenders address challenges of unmanaged and unprotected IoT devices across the enterprise.
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SecurityWeek has developed a fully-branded, unique virtual conference center that provides attendees and sponsors with the opportunity to network and interact with each other from anywhere in the world from almost any device.

Participation as a sponsor allows you to be part of an engaging experience with delegates and showcase your industry knowledge and solutions, while reaching a large online audience through the virtual conference center.

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